Blooming & Fruit Trees

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Blooming & Fruit Trees

South Floridians are blessed to live in a tropical environment that invites a diverse spectrum of flowering and fruit trees to bloom and bear delicious fruit.

Flowering trees like the Ylang-Ylang Tree-also known as the Chanel No. 5 Perfume Tree, the Verawood and Cassia with their distinctive bright yellow blossoms, the graceful and fragrant Magnolia Champaca, Frangipani or Plumeria, and Royal Poinciana, are some of the beautiful selections at Galloway to choose from.

We have fruit trees to satisfy any taste bud from sweet to sour. Tangy citrus possibilities include Persian, Key, and Meyers Lime, along with orange, grapefruit, and kumquat. There is the classic lychee tree, Carambola or star fruit, and of course many varieties of South Florida favorites from the mango and avocado family…and so much more to choose from.

If you are looking for a particular flowering or fruit tree and it is not readily available we are happy to arrange for individual orders from our many alliances with dependable local growers.

The joy of planting a tree and watching it grow and bloom over time…harvesting its bounty for fruit salads or a special dinner, learning how to nurture and cultivate its strength and beauty, plan a picnic in its shade as the years go by, and watch the birds and wildlife rest on its branches…experiences and memories exquisitely sublime.

Chinese Perfume Tree

Aglaia odorata or Chinese Perfume Tree is an ornamental plant that can also be grown indoors in South Florida. It has clusters of small yellow flowers and produces a captivating floral perfume scent. In Asia many parts of the tree are utilized: the dried flowers are said to reduce fever; the roots are boiled to make an appetite inducing drink; and it can also be used as an organic herbicide. Most of all it is beautiful!