Galloway Nursery

Nestled among the butterflies and song birds is a unique garden paradise oasis in-between Sunset and Kendall Drive on Southwest 87th Avenue…Galloway Farm Nursery.

A local family owned business begun nearly forty years ago by Patricia Kyle and Jim Lawrence.

We offer an expansive nursery full of happy and healthy flowering plants, trees, shrubbery, groundcover, orchids, bromeliads, and interior beauties ready to grow and bloom in new forever homes.

Our friendly and educated staff is ready to help make your garden dreams come true.

Friendly staff ready to serve

Our team of friendly and approachable staff like Evan are passionate about plants and ready to welcome you over. We embrace the opportunity to help you design or discover that perfect flowering plant for a pot, layers of colorful flora for landscaping accents, or unique beauties for an elegant interior look.
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