Natural Garden Materials

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Soils, Mulches, & Decorative Stone

Galloway Farm Nursery offers a complete selection of mulches, potting mixes, and soils. We offer an impressive selection of stepping stones, landscaping bricks, and decorative stones. Our stock includes premium hardwood mulches in a wide variety of colors such as: natural brown, dyed black, dyed red, and dyed brown. Mulch is an excellent way to dress up your planting beds, help maintain soil moisture, and regulate soil temperature (keeping root systems cooler in summer months and warmer in cold winter months).

Garden Decor, Containers, Planters, & Stands

Display your favorite plants and add color with garden decor and decorative planters. We provide an extensive range in a variety of styles for modern and more traditional landscape designs. Our durable collection of planters resolve challenges related to fading, cracking, chipping, and resist side wall soil and plant dehydration.

Fertilizers & Chemicals

We supply garden fertilizers and plant foods to keep your lawn and plants healthy and lush.  We carry controlled release fertilizer stock, as well as water soluble and liquid lawn fertilizers from well known manufacturers.  We also carry a full array of top quality insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and repellents that control virtually all major garden disease problems…along with an informed attentive staff to help you find the right solution.