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Pottery & Fountains

We carry hard-to-find larger size pottery, as well as decorative tabletop pots. Stop by with photos of your front entry, patio, or any other spot from home or office that is ready for a new look. Our in-house designers can help you find the perfect containers to wow your space.

Anytime is a wonderful time to take a long, leisurely look at your garden or patio to see what “finishing touches” could enhance your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Even a small corner of your deck or patio can shelter a water bowl reflecting rushes and a blue sky. Soothe your senses with the serene sound of falling water.

Create a butterfly or hummingbird bird sanctuary to attract wildlife into your garden.

We also have a large selection of fountains, statuary, bird feeders, and bird baths, including extraordinary designs for your unique expression. 

Choose something to complement your plantings or make a bold statement.

Pottery Savings

We are typically able to discount a wide selection of colors and styles of pottery when we purchase in volume. Come in and stroll around to find the color, texture, and design to suit your unique look...at affordable prices.
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