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Expansive local nursery & one stop garden resource center happily serving customers for 38+ years.

We sell ladybugs! They are beautiful and beneficial garden insects as natural predators of pests like aphids and thrips.

Butterfly Plants

Butterflies especially love to feed and lay eggs on orange milkweed and purple-flowering giant milkweed plant from Asia.

Flowering Plants

Meander along rows of color to select from the many options of flowering perennials, annuals, roses, tropicals & orchids.

Pottery & Fountains

Exclusive pottery designs from all over the globe, along with Campania, Pottery Patch, and other makers to choose from.

Interior Plants

Plants help us breathe. They purify the air indoors and present that natural calming energy found only in nature.

Blooming & Fruit Trees

Senna, Jatropha, & all kinds of citrus trees including the classic Meyers Lemon and mango, avocado, even Barbados Cherry.

Natural Garden Materials

Decorative stones available in all sizes & colors, landscaping bricks, pavers, and mulches, to accent any garden look.

Landscape Design & Installation

Full service landscape design for any size project led by experienced designers creating delightful natural environments.

About Galloway Farm Nursery

Stroll along the two and a half acres of garden paradise at Galloway Farm Nursery to discover a wide variety of orchids, bromeliads, butterfly garden plants, as well as flowering and fruit trees, vines, bushes, ground cover, succulents, herbs and vegetable plants, Live Oaks, and roses amid the Florida Natives.

Shade and interior plants like philodendrom, dieffenbachia, ficus lyrata, and decorative fountains, pottery, natural rocks, and all the accoutrements to preserve and enhance your own garden paradise can be found at Galloway.

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Family owned nursery and garden center serving South Florida for over 38 years.